WildCAD-E WildWeb Dispatch CenterUpdatedLink
AKACDC Alaska Coastal Dispatch CenterCurrentAKACDC
AKCGFC Chugach National Forest DispatchCurrentAKCGFC
AKNFDC Northern Forestry Dispatch CenterCurrentAKNFDC
AKTNFC Tongass National Forest DispatchCurrentAKTNFC
ALAIC Alabama Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentALAIC
ARAOC Arkansas-Oklahoma Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentARAOC
AZFDC Flagstaff Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZFDC
AZPDC Prescott Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZPDC
AZPHC Phoenix Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZPHC
AZSDC Springerville Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZSDC
AZTDC Tucson Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZTDC
AZWDC Williams Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentAZWDC
CAANCC Angeles Communication CenterCurrentCAANCC
CACCCC Central California Command CenterCurrentCACCCC
CAGVCC Grass Valley Interagency Emergency Command CenterCurrentCAGVCC
CALPCC Los Padres Communication CenterCurrentCALPCC
CAMNFC Mendocino National Forest Dispatch CenterCurrentCAMNFC
CAMICC Modoc Interagency Command CenterCurrentCAMICC
CANCIC North Coast Interagency Communication CenterCurrentCANCIC
CAONCC Northern California Geographic Area Coordination CenterCurrentCAONCC
CAOVCC Owens Valley Interagency Command CenterCurrentCAOVCC
CAPNFC Plumas Emergency Communication CenterCurrentCAPNFC
CARICC Redding Interagency Command CenterCurrentCARICC
CASBCC San Bernardino Interagency Command CenterCurrentCASBCC
CASDIC San Diego Interagency CenterCurrentCASDIC
CASICC Sierra Interagency Communication CenterCurrentCASICC
CASQCC Ash Mountain Communication CenterCurrentCASQCC
CAYICC Yreka Interagency Command CenterCurrentCAYICC
CASTCC Stanislaus Communication CenterCurrentCASTCC
CAYPCC Yosemite Emergency Communication CenterCurrentCAYPCC
COCRC Craig Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCOCRC
CODRC Durango Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCODRC
COMTC Montrose Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCOMTC
COFTC Fort Collins Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCOFTC
COGJC Grand Junction Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCOGJC
COPBC Pueblo Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentCOPBC
FLFIC Florida Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentIDBDC
GAGIC Georgia Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentGAGIC
IDBDC Boise Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentIDBDC
IDCDC Coeur d'Alene Dispatch CenterCurrentIDCDC
IDCIC Central Idaho Interagency Fire CenterCurrentIDCIC
IDEIC Eastern Idaho Interagency Fire CenterCurrentIDEIC
IDGVC Grangeville Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentIDGVC
IDPAC Payette Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentIDPAC
IDSCC South Idaho Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentIDSCC
ILILC Illinois Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentILILC
INIIC Indiana Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentINIIC
KYKIC Kentucky Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentKYKIC
LALIC Louisiana Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentLALIC
MIMIDC Michigan Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentMIMIDC
MNMNCC Minnesota Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentMNMNCC
MOMOC Missouri-Iowa Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentMOMOC
MSMIC Mississippi Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentMSMIC
MTBDC Billings Dispatch Center Dispatch CenterCurrentMTBDC
MTBRC Bitterroot Dispatch CenterCurrentMTBRC
MTDDC Dillon Dispatch CenterCurrentMTDDC
MTGDC Great Falls Dispatch CenterCurrentMTGDC
MTHDC Helena Dispatch CenterCurrentMTHDC
MTKDC Kootenai Dispatch CenterCurrentMTKDC
MTKIC Kalispell Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentMTKIC
MTLEC Lewistown Dispatch CenterCurrentMTLEC
MTMCC Miles City Dispatch CenterCurrentMTMCC
MTMDC Missoula Dispatch CenterCurrentMTMDC
NCNCC North Carolina Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentNCNCC
NHNEC Northeastern Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentNHNEC
NMABC Albuquerque Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNMABC
NMADC Alamogordo Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNMADC
NMSDC Silver City Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNMSDC
NMSFC Santa Fe Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNMSFC
NMTDC Taos Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNMTDC
NVCNC Central Nevada Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNVCNC
NVECC Ely Interagency Communication CenterCurrentNVECC
NVEIC Elko Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNVEIC
NVSFC Sierra Front Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNVSFC
NVLIC Las Vegas Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentNVLIC
OR712C Grants Pass Unit Dispatch CenterCurrentOR712C
OR71C Medford Dispatch CenterCurrentOR71C
ORBIC Burns Interagency Communication CenterCurrentORBIC
ORBMC Blue Mountains Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentORBMC
ORCOC Central Oregon Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentORCOC
OREIC Eugene Interagency Communication CenterCurrentOREIC
ORJDCC John Day Interagency Communication CenterCurrentORJDCC
ORLFC Lakeview Interagency Fire CenterCurrentORLFC
ORORC Oregon Department of Forestry State Headquarters Dispatch CenterCurrentORORC
ORRICC Roseburg Interagency Communication CenterCurrentORRICC
ORRVC Rogue Valley Interagency Communication CenterCurrentORRVC
ORVAC Vale District Dispatch CenterCurrentORVAC
PAMACC Mid-Atlantic Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentPAMACC
SCSCC South Carolina Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentSCSCC
SCSRC Savannah River Coordination CenterCurrentSCSRC
SDGPC Great Plains Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentSDGPC
TNTNC Tennessee Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentTNTNC
TXTIC Texas Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentTXTIC
UTCDC Color Country Interagency Fire CenterCurrentUTCDC
UTMFC Moab Interagency Fire CenterCurrentUTMFC
UTNUC Northern Utah Interagency Fire CenterCurrentUTNUC
UTRFC Richfield Interagency Fire CenterCurrentUTRFC
UTUBC Uintah Basin Interagency Fire CenterCurrentUTUBC
VAVIC Virginia Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentVAVIC
WACAC Colville Agency Dispatch CenterCurrentWACAC
WACCC Columbia Cascade Communications CenterCurrentWACCC
WACWC Central Washington Interagency Communication CenterCurrentWACWC
WANDC WAS-Northwest Dispatch CenterCurrentWANDC
WANEC Northeast Washington Interagency Communications CenterCurrentWANEC
WAOLC Olympic Region Dispatch CenterCurrentWAOLC
WAPCC Pacific Cascade Dispatch CenterCurrentWAPCC
WAPSC Puget Sound Interagency Coordination CenterCurrentWAPSC
WASPC South Puget Sound Dispatch CenterCurrentWASPC
WIWIC Wisconsin Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentWIWIC
WYCDC Cody Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentWYCDC
WYCPC Casper Interagency Dispatch CenterCurrentWYCPC

AZ-ADC Arizona Dispatch CenterAZ-ADC

WildWeb is an optional feature included with WildCAD. If your Center is not using WildWeb but wants to consider implementing it, please see the WildWeb User Guide available on the Downloads page.